Our Fee structure


We want to be super transparent with our pricing structure. To that extent, we want you to be comfortable with our fees even before you come to see us for a “FREE Discovery” meeting.

Fee-Only Pricing

We are fee-only, which means we have no conflicts of interest. We refuse commissions, referral fees or any other sort of kickbacks. Our only interest is You! This means that you as the client will always come first and that we will have no incentives beyond providing you with the best possible service.


Upfront (setup and 1st Qtr):   $1,500-$4,000*

Retainer (from 2nd qtr):       $750-$1,500*

Hourly Consultations:       $300 per Hour


* Price varies based on complexity

* Retainer fees waived if we manage Investments worth more the $1M

Net Worth & Cash Flow Analysis

Tax Planning & Strategies

Personal Finance website

College Savings need Analysis

Retirement Income Planning

Investments Analysis

Estate Planning

Insurance Review & Gap Analysis

Unlimited access to Advisor


WEALTH MANAGEMENT (Tiered Structure)

First $2 Million           0.25% per Quarter*

$2 – $3 Million        0.20% per Quarter%*

$3 – $5 Million        0.125% per Quarter*

> $5 Million       Let’s talk


*Billed in Arrears

Investment goals and priorities

Risk-based portfolio allocation

Global diversified Investments

Tax-efficient asset allocation

Investment Policy Statement

Help to consolidate accounts

Consolidated statements

Performance reporting

Unlimited access to Advisor



Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have more questions. To make things easier for you, we have put down a list of most frequently asked questions. Hope this provides additional information about what it’s like to work with Unique Financial Advisors.

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Are you a fiduciary financial advisor?

Yes, I am. As a fiduciary, fee-only financial advisor, I have no conflicts of interest. I refuse commissions, referral fees or any other sort of kickbacks. My only interest is you! This means that you as the client will always come first and that I will have no incentives beyond providing you with the best possible service.

I am not sure yet if we are a right fit. Can I get a No-obligation meeting?

Absolutely. In fact, I offer two types of free consultations: 1) 15-minute quick chat, and 2) Full one-hour “discovery” meeting. These meetings provide you an opportunity to learn more about me and how you could benefit from my services. During the meetings, I will briefly review your current financial situation and concerns. Please note no specific financial or tax advice is given at these free sessions.

For Financial Planning subscription , do we need to commit for an entire year?

Although we believe commitment of one full year is reasonable to experience the fruits of our relationship, we do not impose this on you. In other words, you are not required to commit for the entire year. Our contract clearly stipulates either party can terminate the agreement with a 90-day written notice.

My Financial Accounts are scattered. WIll you help in consolidating the accounts?

Absolutely. We not only help you with recommendations of how to consolidate, we will help you with all the necessary paper work to facilitate the transfers as required.

What is your Investment Philosophy?

My investment philosophy is to focus on long-term investing, a globally diversified portfolio and low-cost exchange-traded funds. I analyze various factors, such as – risk tolerance, risk capacity, tax situation, and time horizon before allocating a client’s portfolio. I develop an Investment Policy Statement (a.k.a. IPS) for each of my Investment Management clients. 

What are the Fees for Tax preparation?

While tax planning is integral part of our financial planning subscription, tax preparation is s seperate service. We offer tax preparation as a convenience to our advisory clients – to become a one-stop source for their financial service needs. That said, we will not charge you more than what you paid for your last year’s tax preparation. All what we ask is – a written receipt of your payment from last year.

Can I pay Comprehensive Financial Planning Fees using a credit card?

Yes, you can. We use a third-party payment procesing system to handle financial planning payments from our clients. The system allows you to pay via ach or credit card – your choice. In case, you do not prefer paying via the payment processor, and would like to pay via checks, we are open for such arrangement as well.

Do you have custody of our Assets?

No, we do not have custody of your assets. The assets are held at a custodian of choice. If we manage your investements, you will give us a limited access to your accounts which enables us to trade on your behalf and collect our fees when they are due.

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