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My name is Vid Ponnapalli. I am the owner of Unique Financial Advisors & Tax Consultants. I provide customized Financial coaching, Investment Management, and Tax services for Busy, Mid-career Professionals. Here is my story:

Flashback: I was 40. My wife and I were busy with our careers and three children. Our financial accounts were scattered. We were paying a lot in income taxes. We had conflicting financial goals: Spend on the car we like, spend on family vacations, save for our dream home, save for our kids’ education or save for retirement. We needed help organizing our financial life; We needed financial advice, so we could achieve our goals! We looked around but could not find an unbiased financial advisor who would put our interest before his/hers.

Fast forward: Five years later, I approached a financial advisor for help with Investment Management. His firm insisted that I need a minimum of $1million to become a client. I was not ready to commit that much money to start a new advisory relationship. Again, I could not find the financial advisor I was looking for!

That is when I realized that busy, mid-career professionals are under-served by traditional financial planning methods. I wanted to contribute and change this paradigm. The result: I launched Unique Financial Advisors in 2014 with a commitment to provide fee-only financial advice with no asset or income minimums.

If this fits your vision, too, please schedule a Free “Discovery meeting” to learn how I do what I do.

A couple of years into the practice, I realized while I was able to serve my clients with their financial planning and Investment Management needs, I still referred them to accounting firms for their tax preparation needs. Many of my clients indicated they rather have a one-stop source for their financial service needs. I listened to them and became an Enrolled Agent (EA) in 2016. As an EA, I am now able to prepare tax returns and represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service.

Long story short, my life experience led me to what I am doing, and I am passionate about it.

On a personal note – my beautiful wife, Maha and I live in Holmdel, New Jersey. Our three young boys are on their path to settling down in life. When I am not working, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and spending time with family.

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Our Services

We are a one-stop source for all your financial needs. We provide financial Planning, investment management, and tax preparation services.

Financial Planning

College Savings Analysis, Employee Benefits review,  Retirement Planning, Financial Goals, Investment Analysis, Estate Planning,  Insurance Review, Debt Management

Investment Management

Investment Analysis, 401(K) Reviews, Asset Allocation, Tax Efficiency, Portfolio Rebalancing, Consolidate Accounts, Set Goals & Priorities, Develop IPS

Tax Related Services

Identify Tax Saving and Deferring Opportunities, Future Tax Projections, Recommend Tax Planning Strategies,  Tax Preparation, Help with Tax Issue Resolutions

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My initial consultation is always FREE. I am confident the meeting will give you an opportunity to learn more about what I offer, and how you could benefit from my services.


Resources & Articles For Managing Your  Finances On Your Own

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Tax Loss Harvesting to Help Minimize Taxes

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Planning for Retirement with Equity Compensation

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Assessing a Career Change

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Financial Fitness: Mid-Year Check-In

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