Comprehensive Financial Planning


An ongoing planning service that takes a 360-degree view of all aspects of your financial situation. Our process and personalized service help you navigate through life’s financial decisions.

About this service

Comprehensive financial planning is not a one-time activity. Nor it is about delivering you a stack of documents to go through. It is about parnering with you and empowering you with the knowledge and tools required so you can make sound financial decisions, achive your financial goals – throughout your life.

Our process starts with delivering you an initial plan with recommendations covering all aspects of your financial life. We then work with you to help you execute on plan recommendations by providing unlimited access to our time. We will review plan progress each quarter in a formal meeting and adjust plan recommendations and next steps accordingly.


Initial Plan

Once you decide to work with us, we will schedule two separate meetings with you to gather your financial data and to understand your financial goals. We will then go back, analyze and develop a comprehensive financial plan unique to your situation. The plan and recommendations will be reviewed with you in ~ 8-12 weeks from the time we agree on the scope.

Continuous support

As our comprehensive planning client, you will have collaborative access to your unique personal finance website. We work with you to help you execute on the plan recommendations. You have unlimited access to our time to get answers to any questions you may have throughout the year – all you need to do is schedule an on-demand consultation with us.

Quarterly Reviews

We will schedule formal meetings each quarter to follow through the progress. During these meetings, we will review changes in your financial data and your financial goals. To the extent there are changes, we will revise the plan summary as needed. We will close out the meeting by identifying immediate next steps for the upcoming quarter.

Here is how our process works


We are fee-only, which means we have no conflicts of interest. We refuse commissions, referral fees or any other sort of kickbacks. Our only interest is You! This means that you as the client will always come first and that we will have no incentives beyond providing you with the best possible service.

Comprehensive financial planning is a flat fees service with two components: 1) An upfront fees to cover the initial plan, and 2) An ongoing quarterly fees starting at the begining of quarter 2. Although we believe commitment of one full year is reasonable to experience the fruits of the comprehensive service, we do not impose this on you. Our contract clearly stipulates either party can terminate the agreement with a 90-day written notice.


Transparent Pricing Models

Other Services

We are a one-stop source for all your financial needs. In addition to comprehensive financial Planning, we offer investment management, and tax services as well.

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Identify Tax Saving and Deferring Opportunities, Future Tax Projections, Recommend Tax Planning Strategies,  Tax Preparation, Help with Tax Issue Resolutions

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